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EDIT: Hey I make music too now, look here:…

Oh I can put a description on this?
Well, hai :3 Plz look at my crap art so I can feel famous :P
And hug this Quilava, he likes hugs :iconquilavadanceplz:

Most of my art is either Pokemon and Doctor Who fanfics, song parodies, cute Quilava pictures, fractals, or requests for me to draw peoples' pokemon or animal characters :3 So yeah check out my cute pics and fan fics (that rhymes :3)

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Above you are likely to see Pokemon, Doctor Who, and randomness :3

Steampunk River Otter by MysticReflections
A cute rat X3 I have a soft spot for em x3
Chinese Zodiac: Rat by Kaleidoskopic


Eevee by VictoriaDaMeowtini

Well firstly don't listen to those other people, keep drawing Eevees! Eevees are awesome! Being a particular species does not make some...


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I actually have only 2 points at the moment lol, I spend too many :P

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I'm just going to use this to put in more text XDD
Quilavas are super CYUUUUUUUUTE :D

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Sir Numbat Otterson
Before anything else, thanks for every fav, I can't thank you individually but thanks so much :D

My main 6 fandoms are: Pokemon, Doctor Who, How To Train Your Dragon, Star Wars, Redwall and Kimba the White Lion <3

Woops, did I say 6? Well now it's 7 BECAUSE MY LITTLE PONY RULES <3

My backup account is :iconcharlyquil3:

Accounts on other sites:……………
@BudCharles999 on Twitter……

Look at this wall of cuteness and epicness :3
Quilavas r cool by Jemanite:thumb507936479:Quilava by Eagle-chanBalance by TerrabyterPikachu VS. 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Non-Brony watchers, this is for you! My aim here is to show you what all the fuss is about with this fandom, I don't want to turn you into Bronies or anything, just give you an introduction without all the usual arguing and misunderstanding that usually comes with these things XD

I'm thinking of one day maybe bothering to make this into a YouTube video, but I'm just going to post it here first to gauge the reactions of you guys, since you're a much less aggressive audience X'D If you think this would be worth making into a full-on video, please tell me :3 Anyway I'll stop wasting your time and get on with it!

5 - Spitfire's Day Off

I chose this video to start off because of the aesthetic! It's just great! The biggest complaint about the Brony fandom is they don't have originality, and well this blows that idea to shreds! The way they blended the cute, happy pony world with the rough edges and mundaneness of our modern-day world is incredible, it feels so ordinary yet so fun at the same time. The music fits perfectly with the video and it's just a fun ride, not incredibly emotional or anything but it's hard not to watch it again, it's just... well... fun!

4 - Lyra's Gift

Another light-hearted cute one. The last one you'll see on this list so prepare for the feels cannon xD Anyways, the thing I love about this video is how it communicates so much with not a single word of dialogue. And yes, I know other videos have done the same, but how many other fandoms have a video like this, made by one or a few dedicated people with absolutely no budget, that communicates so much without a word. And DID I MENTION IT'S CUTE?

3 - My Little Dashie

Perhaps this is the most relatable video for a non-Brony on this list. And that's why I love it! I'll be the first to admit that the dialogue can get a bit cheesy at times. "She's more than lost... she's misplaced." Really? But still, that doesn't at all take away from the emotion of this video, and like I said it's relatable for anyone, especially the first 5 minutes or so. Anyone who has ever thought "this world sucks, I just wish I could be some place else" will love this video. It's like the official video for Escapists everywhere. Before I even joined the fandom, I saw this video, and I cried, because it spoke to me so much. You don't even have to know who "Dashie" is, it's what she represents - the innocent hope that has gone missing from this world, and left us in a dull, miserable imprisonment we call everyday life. Did I mention this was sad? Cause it's sad.

2 - Children of the Night

And so we hit the top 2. It was really hard to choose between these ones, because they're both so incredible, but let's start with Children of the Night. The thing I love about this video is the atmosphere. It captures perfectly a society in tatters after a devastating war. You can feel the cold of the orphaned ponies sleeping in the night from the chilling blue colour scheme, you can feel the mystical, magical medieval atmosphere through the soft, echoing music and the ponies soaring through the clouds. Just the way this feels is an incredible experience, and the backstory to it is great too. It makes more sense if you've seen the series, but you don't have to have seen it, it's still simple, yet effective. The whole thing is just great, a wonderful experience to watch.

1 - Lullaby for a Princess

And that brings us to video number one. Why did I choose this one over Children of the Night? Because of the sheer amount of effort put into it. The music in Lullaby for a Princess was completely original, the animation was painstakingly hand-drawn for over a year, the lighting was expertly pulled off. And it paid off completely, every second was perfection, not a moment felt rushed or silly, everything was in sync with the music and the feels cannon delivered after that fight scene was absolutely heart-breaking. Again, you don't have to have seen the series to understand the story of two sisters torn apart, of having to banish the one you love the most for a thousand years. It speaks for itself. And the song explains the whole thing without seeming like exposition, it was expertly and masterfully written. The whole thing is absolutely great, and even if you never watch another pony video, you have to see this one. It's perfect! It's literally perfect!

So, I hope this was an enjoyable introduction to the fandom and the incredible things it's made. You don't have to, but if you feel like exploring further, why not check out the series that inspired all this creativity? It starts off slow but it's a magnificent series that will take you on a really fun ride, cute characters, bright animation, sometimes surprisingly deep episodes. And even if you don't, I hope this make us pony-loving weirdos seem a bit less weird, or at least show that we're weird in a good way!

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