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Oh I can put a description on this?
Well, hai :3 Plz look at my crap art so I can feel famous :P
And hug this Quilava, he likes hugs :iconquilavadanceplz:

Most of my art is either Pokemon and Doctor Who fanfics, song parodies, cute Quilava pictures, fractals, or requests for me to draw peoples' pokemon or animal characters :3 So yeah check out my cute pics and fan fics (that rhymes :3)

Random Favourites

Above you are likely to see Pokemon, Doctor Who, and randomness :3

Steampunk River Otter by MysticReflections
A cute rat X3 I have a soft spot for em x3
Chinese Zodiac: Rat by Kaleidoskopic

Also behold my favourite friends x3 (as of 12.01.2014)
Old Friends Who Are Still Active (That I Can Remember)
:iconbowtiefoxin: Spastic bowtie fox (that's a compliment :P) XD She has been my friend pretty much the whole time I've been on DA and has been there every time I needed advice, cheering up or just felt like being a nutcase X3 She just has this way of being ridiculously bouncy all the time without being forced, and also being really accepting and tolerant of everything. I just love her (as a friend) <3 Also she's made me lots of free art which I should be grateful for X3
:iconexbotehquilava: The first Quilava fan I met, and an epic artist who draws cute mushy stuff :giggle: Also gave Littlequil sunglasses.
:icon0124nathan: An epic Umbre fan X33 He is fine with anything you say or do and was also the first person I told about being a "pokephile". He gave me the encouragement I needed to tell others and by doing that probably stopped me taking my own life.
:icon96-me-hatter-10: My adorable trainer x3 She gives me cookies and hugs and I luv her (as a friend dammit I hate putting this in brackets every second line XD) <3
:iconvelociprey149: Fellow Quilava lover and drawer of fluffy things xD Invented his/her (I'm not sure don't kill me XD) own species, shadow stalkers :3
:iconrikka-feline: A cute cat (she'll kill me for calling her cute and cat in the same sentence) who is always sad and shouldn't be because she is awesome and friendly <3
:iconfluffyferret97: I guess I could call him a furry, that's what most closely fits his art. He enjoys RPing and having others draw his characters. He invented his own planet too. (Pfff, species, planet, I made up a universe, nobody can beat tha-oh wait, Willheimus, crap XD)
:icontheraptorlolz: Has a page that is like having a seizure. Loves rainbows, Yoshis and her friends! <3333333
:icondemonicshadow91: A generous Umbreon fan who needs more watchers <3 Gave me hundreds of points!
:iconnutmeg777: An old friend and Quilava fan :3
:iconnightstartehwolf: Draws lots of cute stuff X3
:iconxxlunatheespeonxx: Epic friend, lover of cute pokemon and good for "crack RPs" XDDD
Real Life Friends (That I Know Of)
:iconzachariasquicksilver: Major ally in the Alliance, massive Doctor Who fan, well far more than any fan but that's confidential, a member of the Alliance from the very start and my closest friend outside the internet.
Newer Active Friends (That I Can Remember)
:icondracozek: A friendly dragon lover in Australia :3
:iconkiddo-the-dragon: Reptile lover and fellow Gen 6 hater, though he is a bit harsh on fairy types ^^;
:iconmonsterbullydogg: An epic friend who underestimates himself.
:iconpupluver1018: Devoted member of the Quilava fandom who assists me in all my Quilava popularity schemes XD
:iconluckykoneko: A Whovian and Pokemon fan who is one of the leading commanders in the Chicken War, keeping watch on the birds of Earth to make sure they don't try anything funny.
:icontopazfox1: Diffuser of the Pineapple War, alerted Alliance to the sprouts. Also draws cute arts X3
:iconpiplup40: Another ally in the Chicken Wars as well as a Who/Mon fan x3
:iconjohnnyvle784: Massive Quilava fan yaaay :D Also a great supporter of my dreams :3
:iconwillheimus: A semi-god who messes with universes and who those without experience in multiversal wars should probably not piss off. He's usually nice unless you make him jealous though. Also a Redwall fan.
:iconemoeeveenation: A fan of cute Eevees x3
:iconarcadelegendwes: Always complimenting people x3 ^W^
Old Usually Inactive Friends (That I Can Remember)
:iconrayquaza128: Another early Quilava fan and leader of QuilavaFansUnite possibly the biggest Quilava fan club in the world to date :3
:icontheattcker22: and :icondevilgator17: Two of the first people to welcome me to DA and also pokephiles themselves so they are people I can relate. They love Quilava and Buizel especially :3
:iconodahviing: A dragon lover and loyal friend.
:icontheblondereaper: Someone who despite many challenges in his life has managed to be a friendly and good person <3
:iconlandonbay: Owner of Autzen, the cutest Buizel ever <3
:iconlambox5: Owner of Matthew, the cutest Snivy ever <3
Friends That Don't Watch Me (That I Can Remember)
:iconpichu90: Drawer of the cutest art ever :3 Loves Pichus and Pokemon butts X3
:iconkyuriterorista: Or maybe she/he (sorry forgot again fuuu xD) is :3
:iconkeefachu: Massive Typhlosion lover
I'm super sorry if I forgot you but I am crap at remembering people :P To make this I had to look through recent comments because I knew I had more friends than I originally listed XD

Stuff moved over from ID to make my page even *totally doesn't have OCD or anything*:

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
<a… target=new>Acrostic Name Poem by


Eevee by StarDaFluffyEevee

Well firstly don't listen to those other people, keep drawing Eevees! Eevees are awesome! Being a particular species does not make some...



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You wouldn't not give points to a Quilava would you?
*Littlequil looks up at you with his cute face*
I actually have only 26 points at the moment.

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I'm just going to use this to put in more text XDD
Quilavas are super CYUUUUUUUUTE :D


BudCharles's Profile Picture
Bud Charles
Before anything else, thanks for every fav, I can't thank you individually but thanks so much :D
My backup account is :iconcharlyquil3:

Accounts on other sites:………
@BudCharles999 on Twitter

Only time I managed to draw humans:
How To Train Your TARDIS Poster by BudCharles

Only good picture I've drawn XD:
May the 4th by BudCharles

Look at this wall of cuteness and epicness :3
#156 Quilava by TriforceOfLinksQuilava by BlackstarLily99Quilava by CelystianQuilava by SandstormerQuilava by hikarivinyEevee Quilava cita especial by KumiEeveeSleepy Quilava by OperationSolaceTraditional Quilava by AhumadartQuilava Sculpture by EmeraldRainDragonTin Tower by BedupolkerFlame Wheel by Ryuuki6Flare the quilava by nintendocat918Happy Birthday Gift by TopazFox1Sky and Quilava by Rebirth-LarzCurse by bunny2406Quilava by No-Way-In-HellQuilava!Hibiya by Angel-EspyQuilava and his Cookie! by FeIinaeQuilava Background by Rinnai-RaiBrushstroke by TiercelsAaron pose! ^^ by XSlimyZardXRequest: Jack the Quilava by GlimmertheghostwolfKasai and Haruhi by ArcaninesCursePKMN Coordinator - Heriss the Quilava by CutyAriesPokephoto (Contest Entry) by OnramdyxIt's time for SCIENCE by VotBearQuilava by Ish-t393Sleepy Quilava by May-YaPolymer Clay Quilava by KindaKingdraHuggles by WingedLeopardDelphinus by XishkaNew Blankie by EntinEntin Trade by Latice22Trainer sent out QUILAVA! by FieryTheQuilavaQuilava Contest Entry by ZelarhieBirthday Gift for BudCharles! (animation) by 0124nathanPokecuddles by SpookyScreamzQuilava by Elmo04Quilava by bukinQu1l by Hikara-the-MienshaoHi I'm not dead here's a Sammy by BlazeDGO#4 Cyndaquil  #5 Quilava #6 Typhlosion by para-saurolophusQuilava by NatsuakaifLARE THE qUILAVA by SunstarXDHAVE SOME COOKIEZ!! (Gift) by JohnnyVLe784Quilava by KureculariQuilava Burst by raizyQuilava by theTiptonHotelAleck Doodles by EntinQuilava by kurisu-leonXmas gift 1 by TopazFox1Exbo - ExboTehQuilava by Naru-pikaGift For Bud Charles by JohnnyVLe784Merry Xmas Bud! by BowtiefoxinQuilava Chibi by Blue-Dragons-FanQuilava by SnowfallghostLittlequil: the squishy, cookie eating Quilava! by 0124nathanExbo The Quilava by Martine-larcXrequest budcharles by velociprey149Shiny Quilava by Totodile123123Forte Malfinio_Updated by Martine-larcX:thumb431092766:Arrullando al bebe by WildWolfYinumiQuilava sketch by Itatsu1998Pokémon Challenge Day 5 - Fire by ChenanigansQuilava Fire by Ranger-LCatLittlequil and TARDIS by KJB-Believer-2014Pokemon National Pokedex 156 Quilava by BiancaAndBlueQuilava by Nakai-WolfQuilava :P by CassieJokerQuilava's Night by FeIinaeTy the Quilava meeting Torch the Charmander by EpicPokemon13Keelava by RedBoltsPokemon - Quilava by cyndaquil1998Quilava Sleeping... by TeldrantEmber by faiarrowMerry Late Christmas!! by BowtiefoxinMy quilava by recipe-for-disasterQuilava by Eagle-chanBalance by TerrabyterPikachu VS. Quilava by pokemon88ismBilly and Charlyquil by BowtiefoxinQuilava by nepryneChibi Umbreon and Quilava by BowtiefoxinDay 10: Quilava by KeroTheStrangeQuilava Gijinka by NinjaQuilavaCyndaquilavaphlosion by pichu90Napping by the fireplace by pichusonic123Quilava with a cookie by Nutmeg777Pokemon love by Veemonsito-- Quilava -- by ThatWildMaryLittlequil and Buizel by BowtiefoxinMagu by Niji25Quilava Vs Houndoom by RubyBugQuilava Vs Houndoom Part 2 by RubyBugFor BudCharles by Nutmeg777Quilava by YokoTWQuilava Hugs by PSI-freakQuilava Dressup v2.0 by pichu90Quilava butt dance by pichu90Quilava v2 by ClinkorzFeurisson / Quilava by RAPHAEL-LC'mon, let's play... by SiKKiNYodapee the Quilava by I-I-shadowHappy Quilava by SweetLittleKittyX3Quilava by Kim-bobeldijkSleeping Quilava by EonRisingHappy Birthday Budcharles by DracozekPaper Quilava - Pokemon by Whiteeyy.:Quilava:. by DaisyDuke14Happy by QuilavaCuberequest budcharles by velociprey149Quilava by ffxazqSleepy Pookie by Zel-DuhQuilava by HaychelDean The Quilava Pokemon Character Knight by DeanDaijoubutribal quilava by beybladerzack1234Pokemon Quilava by HlontroPlaying With Fire by RubyBugDC - 01 Favorite Pokemon by CreimQuilava and Pikachu by KyomiinuzukaLazy quilava butt by pichu90Quilava RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by butterflyknife246231Quilava by SadowWolfKACTQuilava's in love(?) by Yoko-UzumakiParty Time! 8D by BowtiefoxinFelix Is Not Amused by JohnnyVLe784Toaster Quilava by Jell--OKassai the eccentric quilava by DSh96Quilava #156 by BlueScarlet77156 Quilava by KaleidoskopicPOKEDDEXY Fire: Quilava by Night-Owl8POKEDDEXY 07: Quilava by SaitalQuilava by hoyeechunHAPPY BIRTHDAY ELE!!! :D by ArcherValeQuilava-NPC by BuizelfreakPokemon. Quilava by AjilimeFireworks by lavaquilJohto fires doodle by vito303Happy Birthday From Quilava by blackstormcloudsColour Palette Challenge: Quilava by KataliskPokemon Spring Break by roketto-nekoPKMNS: Quilava by TalonEXFinn the Quilava -K- by SnailMuffinPaint animated Aleck ...doll? by EntinKahlilia's Favorite Season by PMD-KahliliaQuilava Gif by ShadowpawlovesanimePokeddexy Days 7 and 8: Fire- and Flying- Types by Eevie-chuQuilava by BlackDragonAllianceSleepy Fire by raizyInferno - New Quilava OC~ by MidnightUmbreonnPOKEDDEXY DAY 7 - QUILAVA by Teh-StripePokeddexy meme - Day 7 by VotBearGo, Quilava, Go! by BlueBerryBearQuilava by Azure--PhoenixDay 7 - quilava by AnimaticsTt by Sclongami12Jake by AKPorcupineQuilavas by KuroiTennotsukaiCyndaquilink, Quilink, and Typhlink by NoerbmuGift: Quilava icon by DAGooeyBaumbsFelix Is Not Amused by JohnnyVLe784: Quilava : by ToxiicClawsQuilava #2 by QuilavaBurnLuther reference: Rocket hideout by Apriifox#19- Quilava by VulpineKeybladerQuilava by Masis509Quilava by potatojemQuilava by Xishka40 Day Pokemon challenge - Day 8 by MeownyxQuilava by CursedHybridtime for bed by valhyenaFor Polli : Sena by Miyu2200Luka the Quilava by BluRacconExbo by NexeronAt the Cafe' by Lisosa[Commission] - Stay close to me by LazyAmphyQuilava Figurine by SabarielLocienQuilava by mirjam10350MidnightxRush the Quilava by MidnightxRushPC: Cryptic Quilava by ThoseAdoptsRani by Azure--Phoenixquilava laying in the rain by usagiemillerThe Adventure Begins by Puppy-ChowTyson the Quilava by Alliyah-the-VulpixHappy Birthday Atty! by JohnnyVLe784Cyndaquil Evolutions by chibilatiasQuilava And Eevee by usagiemillerAaron the Quilava by TOYOTA--IQQuilava by SuicuneXRapidashQuilava Used Substitute by Rinnai-RaiQuilava Pokesona (V2/Updated) by CGBroQuilava by WolfieSnowHappy and Excited (Birthday Gift for BudCharles) by JohnnyVLe784I don't want go back to Poke-ball... by ffxazq
And this AWESOMETASTIC journal doll:
.:REQUEST:. Quilava journal doll by Koala-Sam :iconkoala-sam: You are sooo awesome for making this :heart:
Oh and more :D Littlequil Journal Doll by ChemicallyColorful:thumb358443933:
Thanks to you too :iconchemicallycolorful:! :D And :iconrukato57:
And the worlds awesomest Quilava animation:… equal of course with…
Then listen to pure Quilavaness made into sound waves:…
And check out over 40 adorable pokemon dance icons: :iconquilavadanceplz::iconemolgadanceplz::iconminundanceplz:
OH EM GEE THIS IS CUTE Echo meets ottershorts by Bowtiefoxin
Ermagherd you must click this it is amazing:…
Oh, and PLEASE check out this absolutely AMAZING person:
My first avatar was by someone on DA who I don't remember now.
The second was an anonymous one on a Google search.…
My third was a special free commission :icontheblondereaper: (thankies so much :D) Request:BudCharles by TheBlondeReaper
The fourth was from here: free Quilava avi by Midnightflaze
My fifth was by :iconbowtiefoxin: Quilava Noms A Cookie by BudCharles
My sixth was by :iconkattling: FREE Bouncy Quilava Icon by Kattling
Hello. I love otters, wolves, quilavas, buizels, geography, physics, astronomy and listening to music. I originally joined just to fav. quilava pictures! Deviant Art has only strengthened my love for Quilava!
My name is now Charlyquil thanks to :iconmartine-larcx:
I made up a completely random birthday for DA as I do with other websites. I am 14, that is all I shall reveal.
You're welcome in advance for favs, watches, llamas and comments!
Keira the Quilava by Marlenesstamps
My DA Brother is :iconumbrekino:
My Quilava form's DA trainer is: :iconxxlunatheespeonxx:
My Umbreon sister is: :icondarkshadowumbreon34:
My adopted pet Mewlavas are:… &
My adopted pet Ivylava is:
My adopted pet Dragons are:… and…
My adopted pet Puppylava is: xxtwistedzombiexx.deviantart.c…
I also have a cute adopted wolfy, the picture was deleted from DA but it is saved on my PC. It was made by :iconredheadrage:
And a doggy wolfy glowy thingy :D
And a ferret:… he is shown here as well:
And a cute green kitteh
2nd Adoptable by LylatheGlaceon
:thumb341077063: D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW look at this little Eevee I adopted, I will name her Snowy, she is playful but shy when she had just met someone. She has a short attention span however ^^; One of Littlequil's best friends :3
Littlequil is my beloved Quilava. He has a very friendly nature and is a lot less shy than I am (well, I'm shy in real life anyways, not so much on the internet). He loves climbing volcanoes and making friends with other pokemon. He doesn't like battling very much, though he is good at it. His attack strategy is basically to avoid every attack thrown at him. There are certain types of pokemon he likes more than others, for example he likes Buizel but dislikes Drowzee, much like me actually.
I support the awesome yet cuddly volcano pokemon of the Johto region! Please spread the awesomeness by posting one of these links on as many websites as possible:………
Pichu by wangqr Pichu is CYUUUUUTE Oblivion the Umbreon by Fishlover So is Umbreon!!
Quilava again by SirNormQuilava by ryuuzenga:thumb276846495:
And of course so is :iconquilavadanceplz:
P.S. I always put fake birthdays in for websites, this one is no exception. Sorry.


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=== I am a pokephile ==========================================================
"Someone who is sexually and/or emotionally attracted to Pokemon on an intimate level. They may be straight, homo or bisexual, and also may or may not be attracted to normal animals as well."
"Poképhillia is defined as being sexually attracted to Pokémon. Anyone of any age, gender, or sexual orientation can be a Poképhile. Some Poképhiles are only attracted to the more humanoid Pokémon (such as Gardevoir and Lopunny), but many others can be attracted to many other kinds of Pokémon, depending on the person."

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7. Quilava

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5. Mew

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